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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  February 26, 2015 9:00am-10:01am PST

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ng dhs new legislation. he essentially said we've done our work. you saw the kisses. yeah. jon: a little it about friction between the house and the senate right now. jenna: but all kisses in washington d.c. as we see for ourselves. jon: we'll be back in an hour. >> "outnumbered" starts right now. ♪ >> this is "outnumbered." i'm harris faulkner. here today andrea tantaros coanchor of "fox & friends" first. ainsley earhardt kennedy, host of "kennedy" on fox business network. covert operations officer. and president of the global intelligence and security firm diligence, mike baker. you are outnumbered. >> delighted to be outnumbered. >> i like the striped suit. >> got my business attire on. after you introduced me that way, so the secret is out. >> you were a cio officer? were you florist or?
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>> yeah. no, i was kind after creepy clown. i was undercover as a clown in the circus for several years. >> that works well in d.c. >> did you have to learn how to do balloon animals? >> absolutely. >> we have heavy news day. we're glad you're here. expertise is right on cue. isis close to home. we're learning more about the chilling details surrounding arrest of three new york city men and how the isis savages are using social media to sink their claws into fresh american recruits. federal prosecutors are saying the men charged with aiding isis plotted attack police and fbi agents and president. one of them was busted as he was trying to board a plane to the middle east. we reported on this as it was happening yesterday. these men are not alone, hardly. here is fbi director james comey. >> we have investigations of people in various stages of radicalizing in all 50 states. in isn't a new york phenomenon or washington phenomenon. this is all 50 states and in ways very hard to see. >> the fbi chief's word,
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alarming many people across the nation but yesterday at a hearing before the house foreign affairs committee, secretary of state john kerry said america is actually safer than ever. watch. >> our citizens our world, today, is actually, despite isil despite the visible killings that you see, and how horrific they are we're actually living in a period of less daily threat to americans and to people in the world than normally less deaths, less violent deaths today than through the last century. >> people with enormous responsibility in our nation, maybe they should talk it each other. secretary kerry is not on same sage as head of america's intelligence. less than 24 hours after kerry's remark as short time ago we heard this from the director of national intel. >> what is your view of the threat to the united states of america, director clapper? >> well, first, sir, i will say
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as i said every year, this will be the fifth year in my 50 plus years in the intelligence business, i don't know of a time that has been more beset by challenges and crises around the world. i worry a lot about the safety and security of this country for a lot of reasons. >> secretary kerry intel, whoops. they don't even touch there. what happened? >> yeah. i don't know how you get to the ultimate reality that senator kerry, or that secretary kerry is talking about. i don't understand it. i mean i get in a sense what he is trying to do. they're trying to deflect. not unlike what the white house does when they try to minimize the problem. just talking about how things are good hoping things are good and hoping the problem goes away is not a national security strategy. there is this disconnect. director clapper had his own issues over the past few years describing things and trying to
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explain exactly what sort of threats we face. >> and lying. >> there is that, depending how you want to phrase it. but, you know, he is right in the sense that, we are now facing more threats than we have seen, certainly, if you take the past decade. people say what about 9/11? well yes, the threats have morphed. they have changed. at least the administration is not trying to address that they're trying to create alternate vision what the world is like so they can operate in. >> that is as an assessment of the threat where it exists globally. what about the united states? 50 states not just al qaeda, isis, others trying to recruit our american men and women. that is in the report this is morn. >> europe has been dealing with this a in a different way past year-and-a-half. thousands of citizens germany, france italy, spain, traveling
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to iraq and syria. the story is hitting much closer to home. it is blowing up. if people read the news what is going on in europe they have seeing this very trend. only way to stop this -- >> yeah, what? >> only way you stop seeming success islamic state recruiting, exciting people whether those are committed extremists or psychotics take away their territory. tough deny them this physical manifestation of a caliphate. that means boots on the ground. >> that means killing them. >> yeah. >> as much as the president and his team try to tout the power of jobs and this idea of diplomacy with the enemy, they saw fit enough to kill one of the top recruiters in afghanistan with a drone last week. kennedy? >> the president loves drones. about secretary kerry, i think what he was trying to do is tie the crime rate to national security and safety. i really do. i think the argument he has been making there has been a radical
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drop in violent crime and homicide and assault. even you know, grand theft in this country. i think if he uses those statistics somehow it might bolster the national security image. >> the average life expectancy of an american citizen increase too. you're right, that has nothing to do we roomty of the threats. >> isn't that because they treat this as a criminal problem? >> yes. >> they talked about isis and they talked about it like it's a law enforcement issue here in new york right? as if old ladies are getting beheaded on the way to duane reade every day in new york city. maybe john kerry feels this way i don't know mike, he goss from georgetown nantucket and back every week so he is not in the real world. >> right. >> if you look at polls, majority of americans first time in five years believe our national security is as great a problem as the economy which was a first. i do want to ask you, mike, is the cia just not talking to the white house? what is the relationship between
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our tell against community and the white house today? >> well, you have to realize, as a result of 9/11 coming out of that we had a massive knee-jerk reaction and created dni, the director of national intelligence. that created a layer what used to be, you hoped for a close relationship between the director of the cia and the president. that used to, when you had that relationship, when it was good and it was close and contact go back to reagan and casey as a good example that is when things really tick along well. now there is layers here. you're right but the agency people aren't going to believe this right, because of feature films and books, the agency very apolitical organization. you go out there, collect intelligence, once it gets outside of agency get in washing machine of editing. and national security business and parsing and deciding what do we pass along and what do we prioritize. the idea that you have to kill them i forget who it was maria
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harf or jen psaki said we can't kill our way out of the problem. killing the enemy works. >> we've been seeing they talk on social media sites, that is how we found three guys what about shutting down account so they're not able to communicate? >> there sell meant, i get that. but frankly, you can gain a lot of intelligence through -- >> that is exactly what i say. one of easiest ways to find people is through twitter. >> on that recruitment theme, we're learning more about the isis terrorist known as "jihadi john." he is a masked man with a british accent that appeared in several videos showing beheadings of hostages. according to "the washington post," friends and human rights workers say his real name is mohammed emwazi. he reportedly 27-year-old from briton from west london. he graduated from college in a degree in computer programing. it is believed he traveled to syria around 2012 around later joined isis.
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last year "jihadi john" was featured in the execution videos of u.s. journalists james foley and stephen satloff and brittic aid worker james haines. he appeared last month to behead japanese reporter ken yes go toe. we talked about how this is a jobs issue. a lot of jihadis a lot of radicals, come from well to do backgrounds and have multiple degrees. >> this guy was beheading in the video beheading james foley. this is one of the leaders i assume in the group. he comes from a very wealthy family, what she is saying in my opinion is completely ludicrous. these guys are a part of isis for one reason and one reason only, that is religion. they're doing this in the name of allah. because they they have to kill people that don't believe what they believe in order to get to allah and the next life. when someone loses their job,
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you don't say, let me collect unemployment, or look for another job or hey, maybe i join isis. that is not their train of thought. it is all about religion for them. >> mike, talk a little bit about recruitment. they're not just recruiting as i mentioned from the upper echelon of families. you saw videos earlier this week. these are young boys. does it worry you they're really starting to put pressure and recruit even younger and much faster than we can even kill them? >> yes. there are, don't get me wrong there are other elements to this. the problem we don't have a comprehensive strategy. there is diplomatic, economic sure that is all great. that exists in the academic ether, that we have to take away social grievances. fine, work on that. like energy policy. you have to do everything but the fact is, without an aggressive campaign military campaign, to remove, again i keep going back to the same thing, what do they have right now that they didn't have before that is giving them this spark, this ability to excite the
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youth? and this dream, they have been jonessing for this caliphate for a long time now. now they got it. and, quite frankly, we're not we can talk about how they're not, they're perverting islam or not really religion. doesn't matter what we think. exactly what you said. they're doing it because they believe this is what you do. the good muslims approach to life and you either convert or kill the infidels. and doesn't matter what we think. >> that's right. >> but the white house wants to treat this as sort of an okay dem i can exercise. >> i want to play marie harf and get you both to react to this. even though what you're say something very true if you study the history of islam they are trying to restore that caliphate and, they adhere to the philosophy you either convert or you be killed. but take a listen to marie harf. she thinks a shovel-ready job will fix all this. >> we can not kill out way out of this war. we need longer term, medium and
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longer term to go after root causes leads people to join groups. whether lack of opportunity for jobs. we can work with countries around the world to improve their governance. we can help them improve their economy to have job opportunities for these people. what makes the 17-year-old kids pick up ak-47 instead of try to start a is about. >> trying to start a business. >> oh, my god. i never heard that one. >> we're laughing but jihaddism has become a huge business for them. they have jobs. >> no. it actually, it pays very well not only financially but spiritually for them a great deal of payoff. the chamber of commerce in raqqa, what are they doing, sitting around not helping 17-year-olds launch businesses? >> it is interesting in the senate hearing today that james clapper is taking a part in national director of intelligence, at one point he was asked, can you speak about the money isis got from banks in iraq and some of the support up until some brutality was shown on video. they're having hard time
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fund-raising according to the hearing. what are they doing with some of it? buying resources. going into cities like mosul. >> they're selling organs. >> spending money on that. according to clapper they're paying some soldiers to join with them of the issue of economics is definitely a reality on the ground, not like marie harf thinks. not that they're jonessing for a job. if the religion is not enough the caliphate will settle for money too. we'll settle for bringing them along. that was interesting line of questioning at the hearing. >> we often times don't get subtlies how organizations work. we do a lot of things in this government that are good, one thing we don't do good is process how other people think. a lot of types we'll give jordanians and qataris and training, party hats and think they act like we do. we stand around, why aren't they taking the fight? they're waiting for us to show the leadership that they expect
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because they have seen that leadership all these decades in the past. >> they consider the muslims that don't join them in the war to be greatest traitors of all beyond the infidels to be apostate. that is why they try to kel them as well. we always assume what we want, that they think like we do they don't. >> they don't so why are we doing their dirty work? >> tensions grow between the white house and benjamin netanyahu as he prepares to speak before congress this beak while the israeli prime minister accuses the west giving up on a commitment to non-nuclear iran. is the united states relationship with israel beyond repair? after the show catch more on the couch from "outnumbered overtime." we have favorites here. mike ainsley is back. we can ask any questions you want. you have a question for hair remembers and kennedy. it is burning inside. click the overtime tab. tweet us your questions and comments. fascinating people sitting here. ask them something.
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west of giving up on its commitment to prevent iran from obtaining nuclear weapon. a new criticism for the prime minister this time from secretary of state john kerry. he testified before congress defending the administration negotiations with iran saying netanyahu has been wrong about the talks all along including interim deal which froze the weapons program. >> israel is safer today with the added time we have given and the stoppage of the advances in the iranian nuclear program than they were before we got that agreement, which by the way the prime minister opposed. he was wrong. >> stoppage. but the secretary didn't stop there. watch. >> the prime minister, as you recall, was profoundly forward-leaning and, outspoken about the importance of invading
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iraq under george w. bush. and we all know what happened with that decision. he may have a judgment that may not be correct here. >> him. so he was for it before we was against it. listen to what syndicated columnist charles krauthamer had to say about that last remark from kerry. >> that kerry statement is rather rich. he talks about netanyahu supporting the iraq war. now, let's remember that was in 2003. netanyahu did not become prime minister until six years later. so here we have opposition politician in a country 3,000 miles away, while at the same time, john kerry himself was in a position of influence. he was a senator. he supported the war. he voted for the war. a year later, when he ran for the presidency, he continued to support of the war. so we perhaps by kerry's own logic, we ought to be questioning his judgment. >> i don't think that is a bad
9:21 am
idea at all. all this as a number of democratic no shows for netanyahu's speech grossing. tim kaine, democratic senator from virginia will skip the address. negotiations on nuclear deal going on with iran. pictures like this come out of that country. hundreds of thousands of people taking part in anti-american demonstrations earlier this month, burning american flag shouting death to america and death to israel. we should do whatever we can to get them bomb-making tools, shouldn't we andrea? >> seems like what we're doing. netanyahu wants to stop iran from building a bomb. i question does the white house really want to stop them from building the bomb or are they enabling them? do they feel morally relative obama, feels like believes in american exceptionalism, like greek exceptionalism like iranian exceptionalism, do they have the right to do this? john kerry supported war in iraq, that was dig at netanyahu
9:22 am
so did hillary clinton his pre predecessor. question should ask him a lot of questions. war in libya that is obama's war. war in afghanistan is obama's war. is the nobel peace prize taken back anytime soon? it is time to ask the question dead serious about this, is this white house anti-semitic? are they? >> i mean that is a pretty heavy charge. >> i'm asking, no, i am asking the question. >> there is bad blood between netanyahu and obama, absolutely. neither of them will back down from the speech but to say -- >> i'm not saying that. i'm asking the question. because look at the hostility towards israel? we never seen an administration so coordinate the in their attacks from susan rice john kerry, president, repeatedly at netanyahu, calling him quote destructive. that is just a question. >> you definitely say they made the calculation at the white house we can live with a nuclear-armed iran. so you know i think they have they have made that decision
9:23 am
sometime ago. you see secretary kerry talking about how israel is safer. making this incredible leap of faith we understand what iran has been doing all this period of time. what they are doing advancing ball. they have been extremely good advancing time. from this administration previous administration, to be fair constantly buying more time to continue the march. this is what they want to do. i do think for whatever reason, the white house decided we can live with this honestly i look what democrats are doing over netanyahu's speech and kefuffle, i say -- >> unprecedented. >> they will have a joint press conference with david cameron running for re-election but won't do it with benjamin netanyahu. there series of events. this didn't happen in vacuum. there are number of things they have done to be openly hostile to israel. >> so you did have yesterday senators feinstein and durbin inviting netanyahu to have a
9:24 am
private, democratic meeting with him. and netanyahu said no because he doesn't necessarily want to make this political. he is speaking before the entire house. so they are, they can opt in, if you will the democrats. but i felt this was really interesting today. hearing this morning with clapper, the intel director, took a real interesting turn. senator sessions, republican out of alabama said, about iran, all options then still on the table? , to keep them from getting a nuclear weapon? here is what clapper said, up until 2003 iran was bent on making one. as far as we know the supreme leader has not made a decision whether or not they want to make a nuclear weapon, but i agree it would be disturbing and profound if they make one. >> we can all agree that would be a problem. >> these people are not on the same page. >> i will say this about netanyahu. if he is not trying to be political put off the speech until time between the israeli elections and -- >> there is no time. >> the timing is wrong. >> they don't have time for that. this relationship we need very important. >> there is plenty of time.
9:25 am
>> do it next week he can do it 2 1/2 weeks from now. >> he is the prime minister. you know i'm sorry, it is not political at this point. if he is prime minister -- >> running for re-election. of course it is political. >> biggest problem the democrats are acting this way simply because they feel like a breach of protocol was made getting in front of congress to make the speech. since then they have been acting like a bunch of little children. >> it is no party down south right now. you got that straight, sister. they are getting slammed with snow and it is causing huge problems and a new report showing that the clinton foundation accepted millions of dollars from foreign governments while hillary was secretary of state. can you believe it? what an ethics breach could mean if she decides to run in 2016. stay with us. the
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♪ ♪ >> welcome back to "outnumbered." new questions about the donations to hillary clinton's
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nonprofit organization and i how they -- and how they might affect a white house run. the clinton foundation accepted millions of dollars in donations from foreign governments while she was secretary of state and the foundation admitting that with one of those donations it breached its ethics agreement with the obama administration. kevin court is live in washington. >> reporter: you're right about that. clinton foundation officials do acknowledge they should have gotten that permission before taking that half million dollars from the algerian government back in 2010 and it's got a lot of democrats here in washington very concerned because it's disclosures like these that could hurt a candidacy for the white house because it raises the question were those foreign governments giving money to buy influence? well, in washington e like to call that a little pay for play. now, foundation officials say that cash was made for haiti relief, but they said in a statement: this donation was
9:31 am
kiss closed publicly on our web site, however, the state department should have also been formally informed. this was a one-time specific donation to help haiti and algeria had not donated to the clinton foundation before and has not since. but let's be real real clear about this, i have a list of countries that donated to the foundation while clinton was secretary of state. they may raise a few eyebrows at home kuwait, qatar, oman complicated relationships all. obviously, less so for australia, norway and the dominican republic. there was also a lot of saudi money poured into that foundation during that time but obviously, investigations like this will continue whether clinton one runs for the white house or not, andrea. >> no question. kevin, thank you. >> you bet. >> kennedy what do you think about that? do you think people really care about these ethical questions? the clintons have had dirt on their face for a long time,
9:32 am
sketchy cattle futures issue whitewater, people don't seem to care. >> no nothing really seems to sick because no one's really surprised by it. but it really does bring up some crazy ethical questions and my question is if they're not trying to curry favor, what are you doing with the clinton foundation? where is their area of expertise, and if you're donating for haitian earthquake relief, why not donate to doctors without borders or some of the haitian-specific charities that are able to go in there and help on the ground? >> harris, while there's no evidence of pay for play you do have to ask why these companies are, as kennedy points out, giving money to the clinton foundation. maybe the clintons did nothing wrong, but maybe the companies had different intelligent. >> well, you know -- different intent. >> i also have to question if this was ethically against what is supposed to happen. can they do kind of a post facto look at this? is there some sort of retribution or punishment that should come down? it wasn't like she had a job as
9:33 am
a secretary, she actually was a real secretary. i mean, come on. this isn't like the secretary who's taking your calls, right? she's secretary of state. so i mean, what is the punishment post facto, i guess is what i would ask. and $500,000 from algiers to go to haiti, there have been so many corruption problems in haiti. if i'm a government official in algiers, i want to know -- i want to trace those dollars not just because there might be some underhandedness or some questions later on, but don't i want to say exactly where the dollars went? so, i mean, or perhaps the money should be given back. >> and why does she -- well that's what bobby jindal says, he says pay the money back. why does she need this money? she cried poor and then it came out she was making millions with her speaking engagements millions with deals, so why do they need $500,000 from the algerian government? >> well, i i think they're going to raise -- i'll make a shocking statement here a. she's a democrat, her name's
9:34 am
clinton, you know, the clintons are kind of where investigations go to die. [laughter] the foundation raises money to do good around the world, that's going the way this is framed, of course. we're not going to be discussing this, you know, in another month or two. >> oh, it's -- >> this just dies. >> oh, no i disagree. [inaudible conversations] >> it's early. >> yeah. >> right? this is early. and, remember, she delayed her campaign. i have all along wonders and just from my own experience covering campaigns that are getting ready to get started you get all the trash out ahead of time. and be you have to delay until july or august or whenever, you can deal before candidate is attached to your name. so, you know, maybe this isn't coming out of the sky -- >> maybe she leaked it? >> yeah, i think that's smart. >> maybe so. >> get it out of the way. >> in my experience, it wouldn't be a shock. >> their hometown backyard newspaper is "the new york times", and a lot of this appears in "the new york times", and as harris pointed out, it's been leaked far earlier --
9:35 am
>> very early. >> as you point odd out, haste -- out harris, you say i would like to follow the money. and the real question is if republicans think this is bad and democrats, as you point out, don't really care, what will the independents think? that really is i think the most important issue. we're a little over 24 hours away from a major shutdown of the agency that secures the homeland. where the 11th hour negotiations stand. a live report from our nation's capital. plus a pair of high school basketball teams banned from the playoffs for doing can something the pros are often accused of doing, throwing a game to improve their chances in the next round. so does the punishment go too far, or are officials doing the right thing? ♪ ♪ huh, fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance.
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♪ ♪ >> well, hello there, welcome back to "outnumbered." girls' basketball teams are now banned from their postseason, their coaches suspended. those teams accused of trying to lose the same game so they could avoid the top-ranked team in the playoffs and improve their chances of advancing to the state tournament. they were caught on camera appearing to intentionally miss free throws, and that is just one example. the athletic association's executive director writing letters to each school principal saying the teams made a mockery of the game. there was obvious slow play intentional turnovers, free throws being missed on turn, it was even reported players were being instructed to shoot in their opponent's goal. the situation defeated the purpose of eggal-based -- educational-based athletics. it is disgusting, ainsley --
9:41 am
[laughter] >> the argument is you'll hear a lot of the pros do it, so we're only -- it's called tanking in professional basketball, and if you have the worst team in the league is going to do this, so they want to be the worst team in the league because they get the first draft pick. however, these kids are not professionals yet, so in order to get to the professional level, you have to do the right thing. i think -- i'm not a parent, but i imagine, you know raising these daughters, you would be teaching them to play their hardest. don't you want to be the best? >> yeah. >> you don't want to sandbag. >> i would hope they would find new coaches for the next season, first of all. >> they're working on it. >> and member suck for luck? remember all the teams trying to get andrew luck and everybody's trying to be the carcass for marcus? >> i can't speak for pro teams, all i know is being a father of kids i would be disgusted. i would be sad if it was my kid. you're in high school, you should know better. i'm sad those kids didn't on their own put their hand up and
9:42 am
say, no, we're going to win this game. you can't expect necessarily the kids to stand up. you would like to think that they would but it's just sad, and, yes they need to do something. i don't think pulling them out of the playoffs is inappropriate, frankly. you've got to i draw a line somewhere. we're getting to the point where nothing's a problem. lying isn't a problem doing -- well, it's okay because maybe somebody else is doing it. it doesn't matter. you have to say that's where you stand. >> i refuse to believe parents didn't know. >> no. >> you think they absolutely -- >> no, what i'm saying is one of the teams that was playing, riverdale had won the tennessee state championship in 2013 they know what it feels like, and they know they have a better chance of getting back there if they tank the game so they're not -- >> you bring up an excellent point. >> oh, thank you. >> i would like to think those children would have enough of a
9:43 am
voice to go to the children finish the coaches and the coaches would listen. in lieu of that, hey, i don't want my kid cheating. >> i don't know that it's cheating. they knew what they were doing. >> it is deliberately losing that's cheating. >> that's cheating. >> it's cheating because it's probably an unwritten rule that you have to play your heart out in every game -- >> the best you can possibly do. >> i guess if i had to weigh in i i mean, i'm not a basketball expert shocker, it's pretty unsportsmanlike -- >> you a philadelphia 76ers fan? >> i'm a phillies fan, but i'm not exactly tuning into every game. >> i hear that's what they're doing. >> that's my point. i'm tired of, you know, creating an environment where, you know you can point to somebody else some other group where that behavior is going on and so with our kids in particular we're justifying it, we're parsing words. it's the wrong thing to do. stand up and say it's the wrong thing to do. they looked awful.
9:44 am
>> both teams were feeding into each other because once they realized riverdale was trying to tank smyrna did the same thing. >> the coaches are suspended. >> a legal drama with no shortage of eye-catching momentses, the key facts that could beside whether it's life or death as a jury right now is deciding jodi arias' faith. plus, guys watch out. when your gal asks you how she looks in that outfit, why the truth -- even if it hurts -- may be the best answer for her and her future. oh boy. ♪
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>> listen up, gentlemen, you might want to think twice about telling your lady she looks great in those jeans even if she doesn't because you might be doing more harm than good. that's the gist of a recent column in the new york post that is getting a lot of anticipation, and it got this reaction from an espn radio host who explained why lying to women about their looks actually hurts them in the business world. >> if you really want to elevate women in society and business then get a thick skin. i can go to a buddy and say, dude, you're a mess.
9:49 am
you're fat you gained 20 pounds, let yourself go. hour later, he's in a karate class. i could never cothat to a female friend. part of why guys succeed in business some of it is obviously tradition and opportunity. some of it is guys can take really bad news and take it personally, and it doesn't destroy them. and i've never understood this idea that you just always say to a woman "you look great." she's not a pet. she's not 9. >> all right. so i think that you can say anything, it's all in how you say it. i'm fine with hearing the truth but this is what my husband says he says, "it's not my favorite," and then i know he doesn't like it. i think some men probably need to tell their wives, that's inappropriate, or you don't need to wear that. >> cover up. >> well no but his -- no, you're right, but this whole article was about that issue as well as do you lie to them, do you tell them that they look good when they really don't?
9:50 am
so mike, let me ask you, what would you do? >> well, i mean, i'm lucky in the sense that i'm actually -- and this is a documented fact -- i'm married to the world's most beautiful with woman, so she looks good in anything. >> ah -- >> she could walk out in the tarp that covers the barbecue grill, and she would look wonderful. but we have a relationship where if she comes out and says what do you think, you know, we're good with me saying, you know what? i like the other thing better. >> yeah the a nice way -- >> but i've never said no you don't look good because, honest to god she looks great in everything. so i'm lucky. >> andrea and i were talking about this right before the show and you were saying you can take it, right? you want to hear the truth? >> yeah. i mean don't ask a question that you're not ready for the answer. >> oh, that is so true. >> right? i mean, sometimes i'm not in the mood to get a certain answer so i scwiews won't ask the d i just won't ask the question. if i want to wear a certain outfit i'm not going to ask him. but when i want him to weigh in
9:51 am
i'll ask him and sometimes the guy will say i like that one better, and then i want to dress for him. if he doesn't like an outfit, i don't want to wear it. if you don't want an answer, don't ask the question. but also, guys, know your audience. if a girl asks you a question and says how does my haircut look and it looks like a chia pet, just lie. [laughter] >> and colin was saying he thinks it toughens people up. do you agree with that? >> i grew up with brothers so there was no sugar coating at all. [laughter] when i come out now and i'm wearing a fluorescent pink turban and an arkansas gilens, floor-length scarf -- >> which you could pull off. >> my husband just goes, whoa. [laughter] >> harris? >> we worked out a little system. >> your husband has to do this three times, three women in the house. >> well, with the girls they're always perfect, so they don't get that truth category. but we have worked out a deal
9:52 am
that my husband will say is this a red flag? is this a red flag category? means you're going to get total honesty. >> okay. >> otherwise, he's going to do what you do, i think i like the other one better. >> once he says red flag, then you know he doesn't like it, right? >> well, no. as long as it's truthful. sometimes it'll be that's the best thing i've ever seen you in and that's red flag with sweetness. [laughter] >> varying levels of red flags. >> it means i'm about to cut it completely real, are you ready? he was an investigative reporter. i know i know that he knows. >> so what do you do when he says red flag i don't like it? >> i change. >> does he put a microphone in your face, what was your molt vegas? [laughter] >> my wife will actually say to me sometimes because i'm in the good at dressing myself, so i'll come -- >> 'cuz i like this. >> you can count on the fact that she put it together. no you -- we've got to go out in public honey.
9:53 am
[laughter] so okay, i'll go back in the closet and i'll find something else and put away the clown suit. >> my husband will go are you wearing that? >> yeah i am. yep. >> all right. speaking of clothes blue jeans and a leather jacket. sounds like something you're going to wear to a tractor pull, right? or a rodeo. not on the floor of the house of representatives. hear how speaker boehner calls out lawmakers who don't seem to be following the congressional dress code. ♪ ♪ you just got a big bump in miles. so this is a great opportunity for an upgrade. sound good? great. because you're not you you're a whole airline... and it's not a ticket you're upgrading it's your entire operations, from domestic to international... which means you need help from a whole team of advisors. from workforce strategies to tech solutions and a thousand other things.
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♪ oh, yeah. law makers thought they could get away with wearing levis and nikes on the floor think again. speaker jon boehner remineded decorum. >> members should wear appropriate fitting attire in all sittings on the house however brief their appearance may be. you know who you are. that is a fierce daddy voice. >> fierce. >> and missouri congressman and california hunter were the law
9:58 am
makers who show up in leather jackets and blue jeans. perhaps they are dressing down to what they it are are getting done in congress. if you are casual i will dress like that. >> you know i think it is not the biggest problem we are facing with the the functionality of congress right now. i understand what he's saying. i am just happy if they show up wearing pants at this stage of the game so little is getting done. on both sides. this is a criticism across the board. >> there is a decorum. like dale carnigie. i have a great story. >> and multiple terms. when i worked on capitol hill. there was a woman named susan and tom delay's chief of staff. look your best and put on your lipstick and go down there and psyche out the other side. it makes them think you have
9:59 am
your act together as opposed all out like you are whipping the votes. >> it prevents mean from wearing leather. >> i don't have a problem with men in leather. >> i am not a fan of that. if you can afford it go to joseph a banks and get one suit and the entire store for free. and i do think that there are bigger problems to deal with, get in a suit and get to work. i agree with you. sometimes the president doesn't wear a tie. that bothers me. >> and in montana they made wearing yoga pants a crime. >> and do not wear the yoga pants. >> and bright pink and then the leg warmers. >> and there are ugh's for men now. >> good to have you. >> i love the show. >> what is your wife's name? >> emily. and she's fantastic. >> i love that name.
10:00 am
we are staying here for outnumbers on the web. the live chat is cooking and sign on with your twitter and facebook page. we are back here tomorrow for the tv version of us. "happening now" starts now. >> fox news alert. a key vote that could affect your access to the internet. the fcc deciding on a plan to regulate the worldwide web. >> supporters say the rules are over due and critics call them a digital power grab. we are covering the news. >> evil unmasked. terrorist known as jihadi john. and what we know about him and the james foley. >> final arguments in the trial of a mother accused of killing her own five-year-old son. what the defense is claiming. >> that is enough. and the miracle on the


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